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Mass production
Injection molding
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check Isolectra. Streda Smart home installation material


Streda SCB

Product: Fully pluggable Smart home installation material.

Characteristics:High standards for reliability and ease of installation.


Design and engineer of all mechanical components based on Isolectra esthetical design and set of requirements.
Including the adjustable fixation system and the connection technology for the optical fiber connectors.
Development from concept to tool-ready.

Customer: Isolectra

check Newlooks Clipper Bicycle basket





Product: Bicycle basket. Also suited for transporting small dogs

Characteristics: Patented handlebar locking mechanism


Engineering. Suitable for injection molding.

Based on detailed esthetical design by Annelies den Besten Design.

Easy to operate handlebar fixation mechanism.


End Customer: Burgers Lederwarenfabriek B.V.


check Hamax Bracket

Hamax Bracket

Product: Fixation bracket for mounting a child seat on a bicycle seat tube. hamax

Characteristics: Must meet very strict strength and safety standards.


Design and engineering, optimizing fixation system (All of this in close cooperation with the Hamax Design Team.)

Red/green indicator for correct locking, anti-theft lock, FEM-optimization, tool ready detailling.

Customer: Hamax



check Basil Universal Stemholder

Basil Boldesign


Basil FEM


Product: Stem holder with quick release attachment system for bicycle baskets and bags.

Characteristics: Must fit a range of stem sizes as well a ahead sets. High strength required. Aluminum injection molded parts

Contribution: Design, engineering, choice of materials, FEM-optimization, mould-ready

Customer: Basil.


checkSkopei electronic ring lock for rental bikes


electronic ringlock


Product: A frame lock than can be operated electronically

Characteristics: A high level burglary protection and high reliability in combination with the Skopei electronics

Contribution: Complete Design and engineering of the mechanics (with exception of the plastic housing)

Customer: Skopei.



check Climate Signs. Bio-Plastic Traffic signs

Climate signs

Climate signs


Product: Traffic signs produced in Bio-Plastic

Characteristics: High Strength demands, standard mounting material. Optional insect hotel and sedum tray

Contribution: Design FEM optimisation, engineering, tool ready detailing

Customer: DPI
End customer: Climate signs.


checkAlligt. Velomobile Chainring

Alligt chainring

kettingblad 70 tanden


Product: Chainring with protection rims

Suitable for mounting on pitch  Ø110 mm as well as on pitch Ø130 mm. 70 Teeth.
Symmetrical tooth profile, Can be reversed when worn in the middle of its life cycle

Contribution: Design FEM optimisation, engineering, tool ready detailing

Customer: Alligt


check Alligt Cargo Bike Wheel


cargo bike wheel



Product: Heavy duty Cargo Bike Wheel, (20" 406 x35). Also suitable for direct mounting a variety of e-motors

Contribution: Design, engineering, FEM-optimization, mold-ready

Customer: Alligt.



check3D modelling for Yepp Baby Hammock


Yepp baby Hammock

Product: Baby hammock in EVA foam. Intended for use in Yepp bike trailers

Design by Vanderveer Designers.

Contribution: Transforming 2D sketches to 3D model, including all required details.

Customer: GMG Yepp


checkUniversal mounting unit for Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat

Yepp Thule Universal mounting unit

Product: Plastic fixation unit that can mount a child seat onto a bicycle luggage carrier.


Contribution: Concept, engineering, (FEM)strength optimization, choice of materials, make tool ready.

Customer Vanderveer Designers.

End-Customer Yepp/Thule


mammiemammieReview by :

"I was amazed by the ease of firmly securing the seat on the luggage carrier.
One simply tightens the clamps to the luggage carrier and secures the seat
with a cable to the saddle (for extra safety).
Without exaggeration; It was a piece of cake!”



checkBerg GO2

Berg Go2

Product: Plastic tricycle for toddlers

Design and engineering by the BergToys design team

Contribution: Plastic  Engineering consultancy. Advise on structure and design details

Customer: Berg Toys


checkTinybots Tessa




Product: Talking healthcare robot (e.g. in support of informal care)

Design and engineering by Tinybots

Contribution: Concept and engineering of plastic parts that hold the electronic printed circuit boards. Making those parts tool-ready

Customer:  Alligator plastics


checkModification VSS Detecta sensor housing

VerkerkProduct: Plastic housing with electronics. Infrared warning unit that triggers an alarm when the patient leaves the bed.


Customer GDK plastics. End-Customer Verkerk Groep/Verkerk Service Systemen.

checkEngineering Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi bicycle seats

Thule Yepp Nexxt

Nexxt Mini

Product: Set of two completely new bike seats for children. Designed by VanderVeer Designers

Contribution:Nexxt awards

The two products consist of 55 separate injection molded parts.

Customer VanderVeer Designers End-Customer GMG/Thule.

Also: Making all injection molded parts tool-ready. Customer Custom molder DPI.


checkAXA battery pack lock

AXA accu slot


Product:Lock for an e-bike battery pack that can be opened with the same key as the AXA frame lock. AXA ringslot


Customer AXA Stenman /AXA Bike Security



checkOEM centrifugal fan


Product: Direct current ventilator


Design a low-cost ventilator with an relatively high suction pressure matched with a high flow.
A test bench and a series of rapid prototypes was used to optimize the design



checkAlligt cargo bike wheel


Alligt velomobiel wiel 406

Product: 406 Ertro (20") glass fiber reinforced plastic wheel for velomobiles, streamlined recumbent trikes. Later adapted to suit four wheel cargo e-bikes



Customer Alligt



checkiGreen. Air pollution filter unit



Product: Redesign of an air filtering unit, developed by TU Delft students. The unit uses the filtering qualities of a plant


Customer Annelies den Besten Design Final customer Stichting SIGN




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