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Product development for mass production.

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check3D modelling for Yepp Baby Hammock


Yepp baby Hammock

Product: Baby hammock in EVA foam. Intended for use in Yepp bike trailers

Request: Transforming 2D sketches to 3D model, including all required details.

Customer: GMG Yepp


checkUniversal mounting unit for Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi child seat

Yepp Thule Universal mounting unit

Product: Plastic fixation unit that can mount a child seat onto a bicycle luggage carrier.


  • Needs to be operated from the back (usually these units operate from the left or the right)
  • Add a lock to prevent the unit from opening.
  • Easy to operate and fix firmly.
  • Ample adequate strength. Comply with NEN-14344
  • Easy and reliable production and assembly

Done: Concept, engineering, (FEM)strength optimization, choice of materials, make tool ready.

Customer Vanderveer Designers.

End-Customer Yepp/Thule


mammiemammieReview by :

"I was amazed by the ease of firmly securing the seat on the luggage carrier.
One simply tightens the clamps to the luggage carrier and secures the seat
with a cable to the saddle (for extra safety).
Without exaggeration; It was a piece of cake!”



checkBerg GO2

Berg Go2

Product: Plastic tricycle for toddlers

Design and engineering by the BergToys design team

Done: Plastic  Engineering consultancy. Advise on structure and design details

Customer: Berg Toys


checkTinybots Tessa




Product: Talking healthcare robot (e.g. in support of informal care)

Design and engineering Tinybots

Done: Concept and engineering of plastic parts that hold the electronic printed circuit boards. Making those parts tool-ready

Customer:  Alligator plastics


checkModification VSS Detetcta sensor housing

VerkerkProduct: Plastic housing with electronics. Infrared warning unit that triggers an alarm when the patient leaves the bed.


  • Improve the stability of the existing unit (left).
  • Remove the ugly details in the slot under the red top button.
  • Improving the function of this button.
  • Solve it in the existing molds.

Customer GDK plastics. End-Customer Verkerk Groep/Verkerk Service Systemen.

checkEngineering Thule Yepp Nexxt Maxi bicycle seats

Thule Yepp Nexxt

Nexxt Mini

Product: Set of two completely new bike seats for children. Designed by VanderVeer Designers

Request:Nexxt awards

  • Solve the remaining engineering problems.
  • Redesign of several construction details.

The two products consist of 55 separate injection molded parts.

Customer VanderVeer Designers End-Customer GMG/Thule.

Also: Making all injection molded parts tool-ready. Customer Custom molder DPI.


checkAXA battery pack lock

AXA accu slot


Product: Lock for an e-bike battery pack that can be opened with the same key as the AXA frame lock. AXA ringslot


  • Simplify the construction
  • Create the larger travel that is needed to release this particular Yamaha battery pack

Customer AXA Stenman /AXA Bike Security



checkOEM centrifugal fan


Product: Direct current ventilator


Design a low-cost ventilator with an relatively high suction pressure matched with a high flow.
A test bench and a series of rapid prototypes was used to optimize the design



checkAlligt velomobile wheel

DHL Cubicycle

Alligt velomobiel wiel 406

Product: 406 Ertro (20") glass fiber reinforced plastic wheel for streamlined recumbent trikes. Later adapted to suit four wheel cargo e-bikes



  • Improve producibility
  • Improve sideway stiffness.
  • Minimize weight.

Customer Alligt



checkiGreen. Air pollution filter unit



Product: Redesign of an air filtering unit, developed by TU Delft students. The unit uses the filtering qualities of a plant


  • Modeling for prototyping in 3D, the redesign made by Annelies den Besten Design.
  • Solving various construction details
  • Engineering the technical unit with fan and HEPA filter

Customer Annelies den Besten Design Final customer Stichting SIGN