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On Strength and stiffness


Within the design process, engineering is a very important phase. During this phase the overall appearance of the product may not change too much, but under the surface many details are sorted out to ensure an efficient production and the technical success of your product.
Boldesign helps design bureaus and factories to detail their good designs in such a way that they can go into production without problems.


Bol Design


Just to mention a few points:

check The product needs to be split into parts.

check For each of these parts, a suitable material must be selected.

check For these parts, a suitable production technology needs to be chosen.

check Parts must be detailed is such a way that they can be produced efficiently.


check Parts must be detailed is such a way that, with reasonable tolerances, all resulting products fit properly and function well.

check Often parts need to be calculated and optimized for strength.

Miter gear


check Of course one must make sure that the product can be assembled efficiently and that mistakes in assembly are near impossible.


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